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Protecting your family and financial future

Protecting Your Family

With our futures unknown, it's really important to plan ahead. None of us want to think about what can go wrong but we all need to. Loss of a person, their income or diagnosis of a critical illness can have a huge impact on the whole family. Ensuring your family and home are protected will provide reassurance and a helping hand to cope financially in this event.

Critical Illness Protection

According to Macmillan, 1 in 2 of us will now be diagnosed with cancer at some point in our lives. A critical illness policy will not only cover cancer, it will cover you for typically over 40 conditions. A lump sum benefit in this event can provide great financial support at a time of need.

Protecting Your Income

Even if your income stops, your outgoings remain. A steady income is the foundation for most people’s lives. Income protection is designed to provide a tax free, long term income if you suffer loss of income through illness or injury to ensure your liabilities are met and your lifestyle is retained.

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